Buckles and Boots Home

Hey Y’all! Greetings from the beautiful city of Memphis, TN. This city is so cool! Those of you who have not yet visited Memphis are missing out big time! We have been busy checking out local music, meeting new friends, going on fun adventures, and, of course, playing a ton of music. A lot of great things have been happening for us here. We played our first show to a rowdy packed bar (Murphy’s) a few weeks ago and got our first press write up. You can read the article RIGHT HERE. We play again this weekend at Otherlands Coffee Bar. The show starts at 9. We are playing with Dan Montgomery 3+2. We have been working hard to get our name out there and are happy to be aboard two new internet radio stations. You can now here us on Radio Memphis  and Bama Roots Radio; check out both stations and if you’re feeling froggy- request us! :-)

In other news, Brian and I have finally joined the rest of the world and are now on twitter! Follow us at @bucklesboots. If you don’t yet, you can also follow us on Instagram: Jessi is @theredfeather and Brian is @docboots. We love hearing from you so stop by and send us a message!